The Jets'em Space Scooter
The Jets'em Space Scooter
 Ad finem
Ad finem
 The 1959 Cadillac
The 59 Cadillac
 MEGA Jets'em Cruiser
The MEGA Jets'em Cruiser

The Jets'em Space Scooter Construction

 Initially constructed to be part of the MEGA EPIC Art Film the Jets'em Space Scooter is piloted through the Solar System by SUPER SONIC SHERRY JETS'EM while Mega and Hercules construct her Intergalactic Cosmic Space Coupe.

   Tubular steel construction insures aircraft durability at super sonic speeds.

 High density polyurethane foam adds ridigity and form yet keeps weight at a minimum.  

  The light weight polyester resin and fiberglass skin is applied to the urethane foam, sanded smooth and finished with polyester gel coat. 

 The flame design is layed out on the backside of the Scooter then color is applied with an airbrush.  

   The artwork is finished in acrylic lacquer while the front side is spayed with red polyester gel coat.


When not traveling through the Solar System the Space Scooter at rest becomes a great couch from which to watch your Philco Predicta Television. 

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8' 9"h x 7'6"w x 4'3"d
"Ad finem" (TO THE END) SCULPTURE, constructed of metal, polyester and acrylic paint was used in the Art Film "MEGABABE" as the symbol of power in the universe. As an artwork it has a powerful message of its own as expressed in the poem PAX AMERICA,
Ad finem.

 Embodied in the design of the 1959 CADILLAC is the symbol of America at the apex of power in the technological world of the mid 20th century. Time now past is figuratively represented by the rusted and wrecked 59 CADILLAC components comprising its base. Never-the-less the power symbolized at that time by the industrial design itself remains intact through the pristine condition and iconic projection of the 1959 CADILLAC tailfin.


 Quarterpanels removed from the 1959 CADILLAC by the Intergalactic Fin Hunters resting in Megas Garage soon to become the sculpture "Ad finem".

After removing the rusted areas of metal the inside of the fenders are sandblasted and painted with epoxy primer.

  A tubular steel framework is constructed on which to hand form the sheetmetal skin.

20 gage sheetmetal is formed in panels and MIG welded to the skeletal structure.

  All surface oxidation and orginial primer is removed by sandblasting.

 The metal is totally clean and ready to be surfaced with epoxy primer.  

  Polyester filler is used to smooth out the surface area. 

Lacquer primer is then sprayed
to prepare the sculpture for
its color coat.

  The orginial type acrylic lacquer,
1959 CADILLAC Seminole Red, G.M. code #50 is then applied
as the final finish.



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Restoration of the 1959 Cadillac

   The 59 Cadillac Restoration Factory
 Special shop set up for on-the-site upholstery work.  

  Although the car was a one owner vehicle with 56,000 original miles it had been totally brushed painted by its 96 year old owner.

The leather interior had also been completely brush painted.  

  The engine compartment had received the brush treatment from top to bottom. 

All rust is completely cut from the body shell.   

  Body and frame are sandblasted to gray metal. 

After mig welding new sheet metal panels. Body is epoxy primed and painted with original red body color.   

  Thourghly rebuilt motor and transmission is now installed into the rolling chassis. 

Aircraft paint stripper removes the brushed paint as well as the original acrylic lacquer.   

  Upholstery and top being fitted when the body is in its base coat paint stage. 

Final painting of the DuPont Magic Mirrow Acrylic Lacquer is applied and chrome trim attached.   

  Wax may be applied to the undercarriage and frame. 

All upholstery is hand fitted and made to exceed factory specifications.   

  Original color leather interior is outstanding in the Seminole Red and White combination. 

The freshly restored 59 Cadillac emerges from MEGA STUDIO.   

  Born again, the Ultimate Land Cruiser sees the Dawn of a
New Day. 

Artist David Mega with the designer of the 1959 CADILLIAC David Holls,
Chief of Design at General Motors Corporation.

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Building and Documenting the evolution of...

Enviormentally Friendly Transport for the 21th Century

   Sherry discovers an abandoned AMC Pacer. (and falls in love with the design)

 But first fins must be added!  

  Then the rear of the car molded in fiberglass. 

 Urethane primer coat prepares the car for paint.  

   Red high tech paint is now applied to the surface.


emerges from


SUPER SONIC SHERRY is ready to jet off into the new millennium.



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