by David John Mega

 This poem endeavors to put 1950's America in prospective by starting with the war induced technological boom of the 1940's. This momentum carried through the 1950's and subsequently was delivered the coup de grace by the disillusionment engendered over the Vietnam Conflict and the dawn of the Computer Age.Roughly a 20 year span with The Golden Age of the 50's at its core.

We were invincible...
A nation of Goliaths
Sweat pouring from our brow,
Sweat pouring from our factories.
The greatest of all wars had ended
And deemed us the victors______
We were Goliaths!

And so began The Golden Age...
The Cult if the Machine.
A religious technocratic fervor,
Did manifest its' rewards,
On a people liberated
From the soil.

Faster than sound
We circled the earth,
As the endless day
Made a Show of Faith
For our new beliefs.

And Faith we had....
In our god_____
In our Country__
In ourselves.
The legend in our mind spoke...
And it said......
We were the Kings of the Earth...
And no one doubted.

As the Power
Which our faith had given us
Pierced the heart of the 20th century,
We opened our eyes......
To a New World.

And from such heights
It was so easy to glide.
The stabilizing Fin
Of our new technology
Staying our course.

Helios himself was within our grasp.
But humans are not Gods,
Only within their thoughts.
And so we reentered the World
In a thunderous roar.

The shriek of a metallic Icarus
Giving way to the subtle harmonies
Of artificial neurons, singing....
Their Song of Life.
And So.....
Goliath Fell.
 Ad finem  "Ad finem" ( to the end ) SCULPTURE
Construction and Information

 The molded polyester double fin design which cradles the fin inspired ceramic jewelry, sets the theme that is carried throughout the art piece by the framed photograph and the 59 cadillac key with cadillac key blank. All of these devices tend to incite both the intellect and emotions to go beyond percepts of mere automotive art and invite you into the world of cultural icons.  

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 Ride of the XX Century

 The piece is constructed mostly from American automotive parts
of the mid-twentieth century (XX) representing America at the
height of power and influence on the World Stage.
The 'MEGABABE' harkens back to the Heroes, God's, and
Goddesses of past civilizations as the embodiment
of a cultural consciousness that represents a society
at a particular time in it's evolution. 
  "Ride of the XX Century" SCULPTURE
Construction and Information  

Liberace Bicentennial Celebration

David John Mega was commissioned in 1976 by entertainer Liberace to produce an art work expressive of Americas' 200 years of independence from Great Britian. Utilizing a Rolls Royce automobile as the "canvas" on which to paint the Artist Mega and the Showman Liberace working together created a design which transcends it's orginial purpose of celebrating Americas Bicentennial. The resulting piece has become a timeless work of art and a favorite exhibit at the Liberace Museum for the Performing Arts in Las Vagas Nevada. 

1954 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Droptop finished in pearlessence and candycolor acrylic lacquer with Austrian handcut crystal rhinestones.

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