First, let me say this is not just an automobile but a concept; a concept involving an intricate and interesting combination of elements.

Some of the aspects encompassing the project seem unrelated but the unifying theme which binds the whole is that of the MEGA EPIC. Based largely on the life and times of artist David John Mega the concept was born out of the natural affinity that the two words Mega and Epic have towards one another.

If one can assume that every human being plays the starring role in the story of their life, then one must assume we are all performance artists on our own world stage. As Shakespeare has so astutely pointed out, we all play out role. In the MEGA EPIC, friends and acquaintances have a greatly magnified role as do the artistic creations and life experiences of the artist and his friends. Thus, Levena Holmes, Penthouse Pet and International model becomes the MEGABABE and her cruising machine is a red 1959 Cadillac convertible. The Cadillac, of course, is in real life a Concours d 'elegance winner fully restored by Mega from the frame up and is now part of a private art collection in Germany. This in turn led to participation in an international art exhibit held in Germany and the United States in which Mega used the excessively styled flamboyant 59 Cadillac as a cultural symbol of mid twentieth century Americana. The exhibit included painting, sculpture, jewelry, video, photography, poetry and the art film MEGABABE. Using just one example, we can see how art imitates life and life initiated art in the world of the artist, Mega.

The JETS'EM CRUISER was conceived and built for the artists' wife, Sherry, a.k.a SUPER SONIC SHERRY MEGA JETS'EM. To chronicle the construction of the vehicle and to document the development of the concept, MegaLee Moving Picture Productions was formed with Christian Lee, professor and head of the media department at West Liberty University. One aspect of the concept is to document the building of a custom show car in the typical backyard home garage of the late 20th century. Which, with increasingly elevated environmental standards, this type of facility will soon not only become obsolete but also unlawful, thus making this documentary a period piece. At the same time the SciFI (inspired) MEGA EPIC continues as an art film and SUPER SONIC SHERRY and her JETS'EM CRUISER becomes as real as the MEGABABE and her 59 Cadillac.

As for the JETS'EM CRUISER as an automobile-true to the pattern of the MEGA EPIC it must become more than a car, so it must become more than a car, so it must be positioned on the fore front of automobile technology. First, with alternative fuel as a power source, along with new developments in lighting, advancement in paint finishes, computer sensory mapping and other technological enhancements.

So, the little car that began life as an American Motors Pacer a quarter century ago, now has developed a life of its own that will extend into the new millennium. It will become a focal point and testing ground for a variety of creative endeavors and original uses of modern technology presented with a fresh approach in many diverse fields from mechanics to art.

And so the Epic continues.

The Jets'em Cruiser as an Artistic Endeavor

We are now on the threshold of a new era. As the millennium draws to a close many of out thoughts and dreams will also end. High Tech is the new word for today. Computers, electronics, robotics... all this will replace the rugged individual working far into the night to fulfill a personal vision.

The profession of building automobiles has traditionally been one of the self taught individual using whatever
components, materials and equipment was at hand to express his own unique creativity. The impending mandatory license to purchase paint and related materials, as well as spray booths, toxic waste treatment devices and environmentally friendly procedures, among other things will insure the demise of this once hardy individual. Laws will be enacted so that not after the year 2000 this once robust human type will cease to exist.

Documenting the swan song of a group of like minded individuals creating a futuristic vehicle in a disappearing environment is the basis of this factual record set down in an artistic format. Although the setting is the Appalachian region of the United States, in the closing months of the 20th century the atmosphere is reminiscent of the European Bauhause movement in the earlier part of the century. A variety of personalities are here expressing themselves as individuals yet united in the common goal of producing an automobile like no other in the world.

This artistic statement will be viewed as a documentary but the subtle symbolism elevates the piece to an Art Film with plans for submission to various Art Galleries, Film Festivals and exhibits in the United States and Europe.

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