MEGA JEWELS are heirlooms in the making. The designs can be modern to reflect the artistic values esteemed in our time or capture the mood of classic excellence. This jewelry is not created to be merely oramental but to give a true expression of an individuals statement through the use of precious stones and metals.

14k Gold, Ruby, Diamonds


 The concept of THE MEGA CROSS design follows the theme that "Jesus is the fisher of men". At first glance the appearance seems to be traditional, medieval or Byzantine. Upon close inspection however, the independent elements which constitute the whole are readily apparent.

First, one sees the four fish which form the cross itself. These represent the human element that comes together from the four directions of the earth. The ruby at the center of the cross represents the body and blood of Christ, the tangible body of Jesus and of the church which unites humans in His name. The outer ring or halo, which unites the fish, signifies the spiritual quality of Jesus and the unity of His followers. The diamonds that form the eyes of the fish are the purest and strongest natural element on Earth. So these must represent the soul of the individual once they have united with Christ.

14k Gold - Bloodstone,Baroque Pearl,
Amber, Apache Tear


 If History is the Human Bible,
and the Past is unalterable...
Never to be undone.
Then what is behind us is within us,
And is to be born again as our Future.
Do we weep for Humanity?
Are they tears of sorrow....or of joy.

We see in these gold lavalieres Cameo - like representations of individuals
who desire to be immortalized in precious stones and metals. These two pieces
being of the same persons' likeness (see The Sherry Salon), one an informal styled
brooch and the other an Art Nouveau inspired pendant.
14k gold, diamonds, silver
18k gold,14k gold, diamonds

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