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Take Cash in hand and spend - spend - spend,
Before this Fleeting Life doth end.
And All we are turns into Dust,
Don't waste your Life on Money Lust.

Take the Wealth that you receive,
Let not the end which to deceive.
Use your Money as a Tool,
To unlock doors - and kill a Fool.

Nothing more exalted be,
Than the Dawn of Tomorrow see.
And Fill the Cup of Golden Grain.
Before the Door doth close again.

MONEY : Medium of the Global Community

Money has become the link binding societies
and cultures, no matter how diverse in nature,
into a global matrix of like-minded people.
This universal culture transcends the barriers
of race, religion, and geopolitical boundaries
and has made all participants partners in
the New World Order of Humanity.

The Sound of Chant
Awakens the God

The Awakened God
Brings forth Riches

In the Country of Benin in the west of
Africa lives the Fon Tribe. Outside their homes
the Tribespeople build for their Dieties a shrine
to which are given offerings to insure the blessings
from their Gods

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