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David John Mega

Before I attempt to describe or explain the objective sculptural works I visualize for placement in the Brooke County Veterans Memorial Park I wish to express my feelings about the project.

Individuals visiting the site should be uplifted and not depressed, it should be reflective and introspective yet devoid of pathos. It should be a celebration of life among the living and a celebration of life eternal.

The existing monument at the proposed Veterans Memorial Park site sets the tone for the pieces to follow. It expresses the gratitude of the community for sacrifices made not only in War but makes reference to the reason for such sacrifices - PEACE.

Building around the theme of the existing monument, I propose creating not just one but three separate works of art, designed to keep remembrance of our soldiers alive in the Minds and Hearts of the community. These will serve to memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice and honor all who serve in our nations military.

signature David John Mega

existing memorial

Existing Monument


Body Memorial


This sculpture symbolizes what must be done at a given time in our lives, acknowledging we rise to the occasion no matter the consequence.

The secluded contemplative area in which Body will rest will be on the North side of the park and would be constructed of rock and earthworks reminiscent of the Mound builder habitants of our local area. In past times Mounds were deemed a means of rising above the physical world to connect to the Spiritual. A gentle arch of large native stone would form a Grotto with a scattering of "seat stones" around the area. In the center at Ground Level a large flat native stone upon which is a life size figurative bronze sculpture of a soldier kneeling on one knee, one hand on bent forehead, with an almost prayer-like pose. The other hand is near his gun that is near him on the ground. I feel the Bronze should be allowed to patina as nature intends, with only the hands of living people being used to polish the surface of the figure. This entire area will be landscaped with native flora: ivy, grasses, violets, dandelions and especially evergreens including the West Virginia Rhododendron.

Mind Memorial


In this sculpture we place our thoughts, remembrances and the ability to communicate as Humans. Here we rationally and intellectually honor our fellow men and women for their deeds and sacrifices. This piece harkens back to our primal beginnings as a collective society, it is our " Stonehenge of Thought".<

The last Sculpture of the Trilogy should honor the personage of the individual. Since there are five Branches of the Armed Services and five Theatres of War in the 20th Century, then five separate components would be used in this sculpture. There would be five slabs of Red Granite placed upright in the ground somewhat resembling a Neolithic Stonehenge design but forming on the inside a Pentagon shaped floor area. On each of the granite walls the names of the Honored Veterans would be engraved with their date of birth and the date of their ultimate sacrifice.

The Veterans Memorial Park should not be seen as a collection of separate sculptures but as an entity with Human and Spiritual aspects. Individuals visiting the Park will experience different emotional responses to the various areas, yet the overall goal is to honor those that serve our Nation.

Spirit Memorial


Following the design of the existing park, the Main Sculpture piece, titled SPIRIT should be placed in the center of the park where the sidewalks intersect. I feel this work should be a memorial to the spirituality of the individuals to be honored. This sculpture symbolizes the infinite qualities of the Human Spirit and has its' genesis in the inherent qualities we all share as members of the Human Community. SPIRIT will be constructed to rise from a base diameter of approximately 8 ft. to a height of approximately 18 ft. incorporating a conglomerate of natural and polished Black Granite surfaces. The edifice of stone will be integrated and surrounded with a matrix of vertical rising Stainless Steel shafts of various lengths and with stainless steel "hands" affixed to the topmost portion of each vertical "arm" which expresses the reaching of the Spirit always upward. From the very apex of the Black Granite springs forth a fine spray of water reflected in the sun to form a rainbow color mist, a second spring of water will cascade down over the granite into a 24 ft. diameter circular pool at the base. The pool will be rimmed on the outside perimeter by small black granite stones oriented in a vertical axis and surrounded by a black wrought iron circular fence capped by a Stainless Steel handrail that will form a Halo to encompass Spirit.

closeup Spirit Memorial

closeup Body Memorial


You came upon this Earth,
A Joy to your Family...
A Blessing to Humanity.
You lived here among us,
Honoring us by your Presence.
Full of Life____
Everyday - doing what must be done.
Laughing, crying, in sorrow and in joy,
Fulfilling your Duty to be Human.
When Duty to your Country called
You answered...
With Body, Mind and Spirit.
You went from us...
To return in Body only.
It is now our Duty to Honor You.

February 7, 2005                

For more information on the memorial, or how to contribute please visit:

Veterans Memorial Park Website

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